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Stable (v0.9.x)

Beta (v0.10.0+)


If you have any further questions, encountered a problem or just want to get in contact, send a message to the following e-mail address: yZ7FrlIPUyK5VJxtv9eqtfsmonitorn3SPWZLgwsduj15OXFRhJ@aFbaTC6eJrdT2SE5WaQdpCf1dYFmZ7NdOR52xKiZFou9lORpihQOcodehulk.netdonjHG3zhU7

Release Notes

TFS Monitor - Release Notes

Version 0.11.7-beta (2017/10/09)

Version 0.11.6-beta (2017/09/03)

Version 0.11.5-beta (2017/06/06)

Version 0.11.4-beta (2017/01/30)

Version 0.11.3-beta (2017/01/15)

Version 0.11.2-beta (2017/01/11)

Version 0.11.1-beta (2017/01/09)

Version 0.11.0-beta (2017/01/08)

Version 0.10.4-beta (2016/12/12)

Version 0.10.3-beta (2016/11/29)

Version 0.10.2-beta (2016/11/28)

Version 0.10.1-beta (2016/11/27)

Version 0.10.0-beta (2016/11/20)

Version (2016/11/02)

Version (2016/11/01)